Moment of Truth

I don’t update everyone on what I’m up to very often, and if that upsets or worries anyone, I’m sorry. Those who are close to me know I value face to face interaction more than whatever meme posts or video snippets end up on Facebook, but I’ve had a lot happening recently.

I started teaching myself to code in earnest about 14 months ago when I started working for the federal court. In order to progress my skills more quickly, I signed up for a web development boot camp this summer. Our cohort learned a lot. REALLY QUICKLY.

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I haven’t been updating this nearly as much as I should have been. Truth be told I’ve been ignoring some of my yearly goals. Guitar has all but fallen to the wayside, and I’m honestly okay with that. It’s one of those things I’d love to be good at, but really don’t want to put the effort into.

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NART 2013 | Planning

Trust your gut, but do what makes for a better story.

None of this was even an idea yet. All I knew is that I was tired of being told by my supervisors in all too many ways that my behavior as a resident advisor had been disappointing. Had they hired me to watch a small dorm full of similarly aged college kids? Sure. Were they paying me money to hang out with residents that I would have been spending time with anyway? Absolutely. I owed them for that, but after being a camp counselor for so many years and developing a rhythm to how I deal with a disturbance, I wanted to do this job my own way.

Rachel set her pen and notebook on her desk before looking me dead in the eye.

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