Day 5: The One Where It Turns Out I Misunderstood Kubernetes

I just finished Nigel Poulton’s The Kubernetes Book. I highly recommend it, even though it pointed out some pretty big misconceptions I had about how some important K8s components work.

It’s a great surface level intro to the world of Kubernetes and how it can help build projects that can scale and self heal. Excellent for beginners and intermediate users alike.

I also took some time off from posting. Turns out that DevOps stuff takes a little longer to learn and internalize than I thought. Going to try and scale down to weekly posts and keep this going longer than a month.

Burnout is a really real thing.

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Day 2: What’s the plan?

In the spirit of learning in public, I wanted to share why I picked Kubernetes as the topic of my deep dive, what my defined goals are for the end of the month, and what my learning plan looks like in order to get me over the finish line.
As short as a month can feel, this is a marathon; not a sprint. Let’s take these in order:
1. Why did I pick K8s?
I have a bit of a weird background: computer nerd in a high school with no computer courses -> Champlain College CNIS student -> DBA at the US Courts -> web developer at the US Courts -> web and infrastructure developer for the AO of the US Courts -> DevOps Engineer at Clarity Software Solutions.

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Day 1: Learning DevOps In Public

Hi, my name is Henry Quinn and in July I’ll be “learning in public.”

Last month, my buddy Alex Trost started a learn in public month after reading this post by Shawn Wang. In 30 short days he really upped his game with SVG animations (enough where he was asked to create an eLearning course about it), so I figure there must actually be some benefit to learning, and then teaching, something new every day.

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