Day 3: Fun With Flags

First off, some housekeeping. I can already tell that coming up with a daily post is going to be harder than my buddy Alex had with his SVG work. He had one animation to complete every day. I’m spending all month working towards one larger goal.

However, I’ll do my best to share something I learn every day, even if it’s small.


I bought Nigel Poulton’s book bundle from LeanPub and am starting to dig into those, but learned something neat recently that I thought I would share.

When I was still at the courts, I was teaching myself how to use containers as quickly as I was implementing them in projects. While learning how to manage multiple sets of containers, I spoke with my college friends who were in DevOps-y roles about the tools they used. It shocked me to hear everyone say the same thing:
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Day 1: Learning DevOps In Public

Hi, my name is Henry Quinn and in July I’ll be “learning in public.”

Last month, my buddy Alex Trost started a learn in public month after reading this post by Shawn Wang. In 30 short days he really upped his game with SVG animations (enough where he was asked to create an eLearning course about it), so I figure there must actually be some benefit to learning, and then teaching, something new every day.

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